Mould Designer

A Mould Designer is able to design all types of moulds by:

  • Demonstrating safe working practices and techniques
  • Reading and interpreting a piece-part drawing
  • Analyzing piece part for mouldability/manufacturability
  • Conveying information to CAD program/system
  • Determining the type of mould
  • Designing layout of mould components/parts
  • Designing sequencing of multi-plate openings
  • Creating a mould/tooling design
  • Detailing and dimensioning the mould/tooling design
  • Finalizing the mould drawing/design
  • Implementing construction of the mould
  • Archiving/maintaining files

Thin Film Technician

A Thin Film Technician works with:

  • Sperhical precision optics
  • Syncro-speed precision optics
  • Plano precision optics
  • Thin film operation

Electric Motor System Technician

An Electric Motor System Technician performs some or all of the following:

  • Disassembles, diagnoses, rewinds, repairs, tests, and reassembles components of electric motors, transformers, switchgears, and generators.

Mould Maker

A Mould Maker:

  • Reads and interprets complex engineering drawings and work-process documentation
  • Designs, builds, and repairs moulds and models used to mass produce plastic or metal components or products
  • Builds precision mould components using conventional and numerically controlled metal-cutting machines and equipment including saws, drills, grinders, lathes, mills, and EDMs
  • Performs work-in-process measuring or checking using specialized and precision tools and equipment

Tool and Cutter Grinder

A Tool and Cutter Grinder performs some of the following:

  • Sets up and operates grinder machines such as surface, cylindrical, pedestal, and tool or cutter grinders to shape or sharpen precision cutting tools and cutters.

Electrician (Signal Maintenance)

An Electrician (signal maintenance):

  • Repairs and operates mechanical, electrical, electronic and computerized signal and train control equipment of transit systems

Mould or Die Finisher

A Mould or Die Finisher performs some or all of the following:

  • Utilizes a variety of power and hand tools to shape, smooth, finish, and polish moulds or metal working dies.

Tool and Die Maker

A Tool and Die Maker designs, creates, repairs and tests prototypes and production tools such as dies, cutting tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges and specialty tools using various metals, alloys and plastics. Specifically, a Tool and Die Maker:

  • reads and interprets complex engineering drawings, tooling drawings and work-process documentation
  • designs, builds, changes and repairs dies, forms, cutting tools, gauges, jigs and fixtures for the manufacturing sector
  • builds precision dies, tools and prototypes using conventional and numerically controlled metal-cutting and forming machines and equipment including saws, drills, grinders, lathes, mills, die presses and electrical discharge machines
  • performs work-in-process measuring and checking using specialized and precision tools and equipment

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade

Elevating Devices Mechanic

An Elevating Devices Mechanic constructs, installs, services and maintains elevating devices including elevators, lifts and escalators. Specifically, an Elevating Devices Mechanic:

  • inspects, services and maintains existing elevating devices
  • installs new elevating devices
  • rigs and hoists elevating devices
  • installs and maintains control equipment
  • installs and maintains protective devices

Optics Technician (Lens and Prism Maker)

An Optics Technician (Lens and Prism Maker):

  • Produces precision spherical and plane optics to specifications
  • Corrects lens/prisms surfaces to optimum quality
  • Checks with interferometer and spectrometer
  • Inspects, cements, and aligns optical components to optical axes
  • Coats optics with anti-reflecting or high reflecting coats