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In Ontario, there are 121 non-compulsory trades. Some examples of non-compulsory trades include Cook, Industrial Electrician and Child Development Practitioner.

You do not need to be a registered apprentice or a certified journey person to work in a non-compulsory trade. However, some non-compulsory trades offer certifying exams and Certificates of Qualification.

Find out which trades are non-compulsory, and what training is required.

Apprenticeships and certification

There are many career benefits to getting an apprenticeship and Certificate of Qualification.

Apprenticeships provide practical, hands-on experience in the skilled trades, allow you to learn from experienced professionals and expand your network of potential employers.

Certificates of Qualification are available in 60 non-compulsory trades and confirm that you have passed the required certifying exam for your trade. Find out if you are eligible to take a certifying exam and get your Certificate of Qualification.

The Red Seal Program sets common standards to assess the skills of skilled trades professionals across Canada. Certificates issued by the Ministry, or the Ontario College of Trades, are still valid. Skilled Trades Ontario does not issue replacements.

If you hold a Certificate of Qualification in a Red Seal trade, you may be eligible to take the Red Seal exam and get the Red Seal endorsement. Find out if your trade is a designated Red Seal trade.