Optics Technician (Lens and Prism Maker)

An Optics Technician (Lens and Prism Maker):

  • Produces precision spherical and plane optics to specifications
  • Corrects lens/prisms surfaces to optimum quality
  • Checks with interferometer and spectrometer
  • Inspects, cements, and aligns optical components to optical axes
  • Coats optics with anti-reflecting or high reflecting coats

Tool and Gauge Inspector

A Tool and Guage Inspector:

  • Inspects, tests, and adjusts new and reworked tools, dies, gauges, jigs, and fixtures.

Elevating Devices Mechanic

An Elevating Devices Mechanic constructs, installs, services and maintains elevating devices including elevators, lifts and escalators. Specifically, an Elevating Devices Mechanic:

  • inspects, services and maintains existing elevating devices
  • installs new elevating devices
  • rigs and hoists elevating devices
  • installs and maintains control equipment
  • installs and maintains protective devices

Packaging Machine Mechanic

A Packaging Machine Mechanic performs some or all of the following:

  • Repair, adjust, maintain, and monitor machines and equipment that package products
  • Set up packaging line to accommodate various products, package dimensions, and production volumes
  • Adjusts guides, belts, conveyor speeds, drive and transfer mechanisms to required tolerances
  • Initiates start up
  • Observes line in operation
  • Identifies trouble areas
  • Advises maintenance management of recurrent problems
  • Refers complex electrical and mechanical repairs to certified personnel
  • Cleans and lubricates machine components to ensure fluid operation

Tool/Tooling Maker

A Tool/Tooling Maker:

  • Reads and interprets complex engineering drawings, bills of material, component and part prints, assembly drawings, tool and part drawings and work documentation
  • Uses conventional and numerically controlled metal cutting machines and specialized equipment
  • Designs, builds and assembles tools, jigs, fixtures, specialized equipment, instruments, models and prototypes
  • Assembles and fits tool and tooling components
  • Conducts final fitting and inspection of tool sub-assemblies and components
  • Conducts final finishing and testing of complex tools and tooling

Entertainment Industry Power Technician

An Entertainment Industry Power Technician works in film, television, live performance, trade shows, special event productions and carnivals by doing the following:

  • Evaluating job requirements
  • Planning, building, installing, maintaining and disassembling power distribution systems, including both main and subdistribution systems
  • Designing and installing temporary distribution systems
  • Installing, controlling and disassembling lighting
  • Managing portable power supplies including maintenance of batteries

Pattern Maker

A Pattern Maker:

  • Reads and interprets complex engineering drawings, pattern drawings and work process documentation
  • Designs and creates foundry patterns and core boxes from metal, wood, plastic and polystyrene for parts and components cast from metal
  • Builds precision pattern tooling using wood and metal cutting machines and equipment, including saws, drills, grinders, lathes, mills and electrical discharge machines
  • Performs work-in-process measuring and checking using specialized and precision tools and equipment

Tractor-Trailer Commercial Driver

A Tractor-Trailer Commercial Driver operates a tractor-trailer for commercial purposes to transport goods, products and materials across provincial, national and international routes. Specifically, a Tractor-Trailer Commercial Driver:

  • plans and executes driving routes
  • secures cargo and loads to ensure safety and prevent damage
  • inspects equipment, conducts routine vehicle safety checks and reports problems
  • prepares compliance and commercial documentation
  • handles equipment off road and on highways
  • controls vehicle speed, space and road position in all driving conditions
  • practices defensive and courteous driving techniques

Facilities Mechanic

A Facilities Mechanic:

  • Inspects fire safety equipment
  • Inspects, performs routine maintenance on and troubleshoots heating and ventilation systems
  • Inspects and performs routine maintenance on domestic appliances, laundry systems and air conditioning systems
  • Inspects and performs routine maintenance on low voltage electrical and plumbing systems
  • Inspects, performs routine maintenance on and troubleshoots the building envelope and roofing
  • Performs grounds maintenance

Pressure Systems Welder

A Pressure Systems Welder:

  • Welds metal plates, shells, tubes, drums and structures to assemble and repair boilers and pressure systems to meet pressure test standards.