Draftsperson Tool and Die Design

A Draftsperson – Tooling and Die Design performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Develops and prepares engineering designs and drawings
  • Operates computer-aided design and drafting stations
  • Develops and prepares design sketches
  • Completes documentation packages and produce drawing sets
  • Checks and verifies design drawings
  • Writes technical reports
  • Checks prepared contracts and tender documents
  • Designs and produces simple to complex templates and patterns
  • Designs mechanical equipment for tool and die manufacturing
  • Designs tooling for tooling, dies, and modifications
  • Designs components parts and attachments

Process Operator – Refinery, Chemical and Liquid Processes

Process Operators process, operate, monitor, adjust and maintain processing systems and equipment by:

  • Performing operator duties, outside operator duties and control room operations
  • Operating electronic or computerized control panels
  • Controlling process start up and shut down and performing troubleshooting duties
  • Monitoring outside process equipment
  • Adjusting equipment, valves, pumps and controls, and process equipment
  • Completing required maintenance documentation
  • Preparing process units or production equipment for maintenance
  • Sampling, testing and preparing reports on process operations
  • Participating in safety audits and programs, and provides emergency response

Institutional Cook

An Institutional Cook prepares meals in both small and large quantities using bulk-cooking methods in conventional, cook chill or cook freeze environments. An Institutional Cook prepares food to meet individual dietary needs, including health, religious needs, ethnic preferences and budgetary requirements. An Institutional Cook may work in retirement or long-term care homes, hospitals, childcare centres, school dining areas, correctional facilities and corporate environments. Specifically, an Institutional Cook:

  • prepares meals for special diets and understands nutritional restrictions and portion size to be served
  • uses standardized recipes and specialized equipment for modification techniques during food preparation to achieve the prescribed or recommended textures and viscosity
  • prepares and cooks meats, poultry and seafood
  • prepares stock, soups and sauces from scratch or convenience
  • prepares and assembles complete breakfasts, sandwiches, salads and dressings
  • prepares baked goods, pastries, desserts and vegetables
  • is knowledgeable about weights and measures, hygiene, equipment handling, sanitation and workplace safety


A Gemsetter/Goldsmith:

  • Fabricates and repairs precious and semi-precious jewellery and gemstone work
  • Tests metals
  • Rolls and draws metals
  • Forms rings
  • Drills holes and sockets for stones or hinges
  • Solders pieces of jewellery and gemstone work
  • Designs and sets gem settings
  • Fabricates and assembles all types of jewellery and gemstone work
  • Cleans and polishes jewellery and gemstone work

Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician

A Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician engages in the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles by:

  • Diagnosing faults in, installing, repairing and removing, ignition and charging and starting systems, panel instruments, wiring, and other electrical and electronic systems and equipment
  • Diagnosing faults in, repairing and adjusting fuel systems, engine management systems and emission control systems
  • Diagnosing faults in, installing, inspecting, maintaining and removing air-conditioning and refrigeration and heating systems

Floor Covering Installer

A Floor Covering Installer installs, replaces and repairs a variety of floor coverings in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional settings, using under cushion, carpeting, vinyl, resilient tile, sheet flooring, pre-finished, unfinished, engineered wood, laminate, seasonal carpeting and artificial turf. Specifically, a Floor Covering Installer:

  • prepares floors by removing existing trim, flooring, and underlayments
  • installs and repairs resilient tile, resilient sheet goods, gluedown carpets, carpet tile, carpet and cushion, wood floors, engineered and laminate floor
  • verifies drawings, written specifications, and choice of materials
  • marks for tile and pattern lay-out
  • seams and seals sheet goods
  • applies adhesives

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade

Facilities Technician

A Facilities Technician:

  • Performs preventive maintenance
  • Operates, monitors and performs routine maintenance on air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Operates, troubleshoots and performs routine maintenance on air compressors
  • Operates, troubleshoots and performs routine maintenance on chillers and refrigeration systems
  • Operates, monitors and performs routine maintenance on water treatment systems
  • Inspects and verifies fire suppression and sprinkler systems
  • Inspects, tests and verifies emergency power and lighting systems
  • Operates, monitors and performs routine maintenance on heating systems.
  • Operates, troubleshoots and performs routine maintenance on pumps and pumping systems
  • Operates, monitors and performs routine maintenance on low pressure boilers
  • Operates electrical systems
  • Performs routine maintenance on fume hoods
  • Operates and performs routine maintenance on control systems and instrumentation
  • Inspects and monitors plumbing systems.
  • Monitors and analyzes utility consumption

Facilities Mechanic

A Facilities Mechanic:

  • Inspects fire safety equipment
  • Inspects, performs routine maintenance on and troubleshoots heating and ventilation systems
  • Inspects and performs routine maintenance on domestic appliances, laundry systems and air conditioning systems
  • Inspects and performs routine maintenance on low voltage electrical and plumbing systems
  • Inspects, performs routine maintenance on and troubleshoots the building envelope and roofing
  • Performs grounds maintenance

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Mechanic

An Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Mechanic installs building systems that integrate a resinous exterior cladding with a continuous layer of insulation on the exterior of a building or structure by:

  • Preparing substrates
  • Selecting and applying barriers
  • Selecting and applying adhesive applications and mechanical attachments
  • Installing rigid insulation board
  • Preparing rigid insulation board for base coat application
  • Applying reinforcing mesh and base coat
  • Applying textured finish coat

Entertainment Industry Power Technician

An Entertainment Industry Power Technician works in film, television, live performance, trade shows, special event productions and carnivals by doing the following:

  • Evaluating job requirements
  • Planning, building, installing, maintaining and disassembling power distribution systems, including both main and subdistribution systems
  • Designing and installing temporary distribution systems
  • Installing, controlling and disassembling lighting
  • Managing portable power supplies including maintenance of batteries