Automotive Glass Technician

An Automotive Glass Technician:

  • Repairs, removes and installs glass and windshields in motorized and automotive vehicles

Automotive Painter

An Automotive Painter works on the surface of motor vehicles and restores vehicle finishes, including removing exterior trim and hardware, matching colours and mixing paints, and preparing surfaces for painting. Specifically, an Automotive Painter:

  • removes exterior trim and hardware
  • removes sub-coating
  • matches colours and mixes paints
  • prepares metal surfaces for painting by sanding and masking
  • applies primers, primer surfacers, clearcoats and urethanes
  • cleans and polishes painted surfaces, including removing and replacing decals
  • applies undercoating treatments

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Automotive Service Technician

An Automotive Service Technician performs preventative maintenance, diagnoses problems and repairs vehicle systems in cars and light trucks. Specifically, an Automotive Service Technician diagnoses and repairs:

  • engines, transmissions, clutches, rear ends, differentials, brakes, drive shafts, axles and other assemblies
  • alignment of wheels, axles, frames and steering mechanisms
  • suspension systems, including shock absorbers and spring assemblies
  • ignition, charging and starting systems, panel instruments, wiring and other electrical/electronic systems and equipment
  • fuel and engine management and emission control systems
  • air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems

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Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician

A Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician engages in the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles by:

  • Diagnosing faults in, installing, repairing and removing, ignition and charging and starting systems, panel instruments, wiring, and other electrical and electronic systems and equipment
  • Diagnosing faults in, repairing and adjusting fuel systems, engine management systems and emission control systems
  • Diagnosing faults in, installing, inspecting, maintaining and removing air-conditioning and refrigeration and heating systems

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

A Heavy Duty Equipment Technician inspects, diagnoses, troubleshoots, repairs, and verifies the repair of heavy duty equipment. They work on different types of heavy duty equipment such as draft shaft drive axle assemblies, final drive, structure components and accessories, tires, wheels, frames and undercarriages, and ground engaging equipment and attachments. Specifically, a Heavy Duty Equipment Technician:

  • inspects, identifies, diagnoses, troubleshoots, repairs, and modifies systems, components, accessories and attachments (including checking for wear/damage/ defects/ problems, analysing performance and function, servicing, replacing, reprogramming, reconditioning, exchanging, adjusting, replacing and aligning)
  • works on multiple systems such as: engines, fuel, electrical, hydrostatic and transmission, suspension, hydraulic, transmissions, and engine management, climate control, intake exhaust and emission control, steering, braking, drive, structural components, frames and undercarriages as well as ground engaging equipment
  • works in multiple sectors/industries such as mines, construction, forestry, marine, transportation, natural resources, and materials-handling

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Marine Engine Technician

A Marine Engine Technician inspects, diagnoses and repairs marine and watercraft systems including gasoline and diesel engines, fuel management systems, engine electrical systems, marine electrical, electronic and navigation systems, steering and hydraulic systems, drives and propulsion systems. Specifically, a Marine Engine Technician:

  • performs pre-delivery inspection of marine engines
  • repairs electrical and electronic marine engine systems and engine fuel management systems
  • performs engine tune-ups and repairs engine systems
  • repairs hydraulic, drive and propulsion systems
  • installs engine and propulsion systems
  • diagnoses problems in marine craft and boat handling equipment operation
  • winterizes marine craft systems and accessories

Motive Power Machinist

A Motive Power Machinist:

  • Reconditions and rebuilds internal combustion engines and associated components, power trains, brake system components and suspension system components

Motorcycle Technician

A Motorcycle Technician repairs, services, overhauls, inspects and tests motorcycles for faults and road worthiness. Specifically, a Motorcycle Technician:

  • performs diagnosis and repairs motorcycle systems, including: engines and drive lines; fuel systems; charging, starting, ignition, lighting and other electrical systems; cooling systems; chassis and steering systems; front and rear suspensions; braking and anti-lock systems; tires and wheels; sidecars and trikes (three-wheeled motorcycles)
  • prepares motorcycles for delivery
  • performs safety inspections
  • performs scheduled maintenance

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Powered Lift Truck Technician

A Powered Lift Truck Technician inspects, diagnoses and repairs lift truck equipment. Powered lift trucks are powered through electric motors or internal combustion engines designed to lift and transport material. Specifically, a Powered Lift Truck Technician:

  • inspects, diagnoses and services powered lift truck systems, including: electrical, steering, braking, hydraulic, frames, transmissions, drive axles, suspension, and wheels and lifting systems pertaining to powered lift truck equipment
  • diagnoses and services drive units and control systems in electric vehicles
  • troubleshoots and repairs powered lift truck internal combustion engines
  • uses safety techniques for lifting, rigging, blocking, and lockout devices
  • operates hand, power, specialized, precision, and electronic service tools to make required repairs
  • prepares estimates, work plans and communicates with customers on problems and repairs

Recreation Vehicle Technician

A Recreation Vehicle Technician works on the various systems and components of recreational vehicles, accomodation units, such as electrical, plumbing, propane gas, appliances, exterior and interior, structural frames, exterior and interior finishing components. They may work for dealerships, repair shops, manufacturers or may be self-employed. Specifically, a Recreation Vehicle Technician:

  • services, repairs, and maintains recreational vehicle systems such as: plumbing and gas, electrical and electronic, heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning, hitching, towing and trailer braking unit, chassis, undercarriage and running gear, appliances, and accessories (including analysing performance and function, replacing, adjusting, cleaning, resetting, reprogramming, testing and verifying, recommending for service)
  • installs, services, repairs, tests and inspects the interior wiring, piping, exterior panels, interior cabinets, windows, doors, and accessories on the trailers or accommodation units of recreation vehicles (including analysing performance and function, replacing, adjusting, cleaning, resetting, reprogramming, testing and verifying, recommending for service)
  • estimates repair, replacement, and installation costs and completes job documentation
  • explains repair work and demonstrates operation of repaired system or component to customer’s satisfaction

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