General Carpenter

A General Carpenter constructs, renovates and repairs structures made of wood, steel, concrete and other materials in the residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors and in related industries. Specifically, a General Carpenter:

  • establishes building procedures and prepares work sites
  • lays out, constructs and installs formwork and concrete foundations
  • frames floors, walls, ceilings and roofs
  • finishes interiors and exteriors
  • constructs heavy framing
  • builds stairs, posts and handrails
  • lays out, constructs and installs door and window systems
  • performs renovations

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Precast Concrete Erector

A Precast Concrete Erector:

  • Loads precast units on site
  • Conducts pre-erection surveys
  • Unloads and stores precast units
  • Installs and aligns precast units
  • Installs bolted precast connections
  • Makes welded precast connections
  • Installs dowelled precast connections

Hazardous Materials Worker

A Hazardous Materials Worker identifies, removes, packages, transports and disposes of hazardous materials such as asbestos, mould, lead, mercury, and other biological harzards. Specifically, a Hazardous Materials Worker:

  • mobilizes site enclosures
  • pre-cleans work areas
  • builds work area enclosures
  • sets up decontamination chambers and waste chutes
  • removes and cleans hazardous material
  • dismantles work area enclosures and decontamination chambers
  • performs post tear-down clean
  • de-mobilizes site enclosures
  • performs routine inspections

Precast Concrete Finisher

A Precast Concrete Finisher:

  • Repairs, finishes, cleans, grouts and chalks precast concrete surfaces

Heat and Frost Insulator

A Heat and Frost Insulator works with insulating material to prevent or reduce the passage of heat, cold, vapour, moisture, sound or fire. A Heat and Frost Insulator installs, repairs and maintains insulating materials used on systems and equipment as well as walls, floors and ceilings of buildings and may also lay out and fabricate parts on-site, remove or seal-off old insulation. Specifically, a Heat and Frost Insulator:

  • reads and interprets drawings and specifications to determine insulation requirements
  • selects the amount and type of insulation to be installed
  • measures and cuts insulating material to the required dimensions
  • applies, installs, repairs and maintains insulating material
  • installs fire-stopping insulation
  • applies metal and plastic finishes

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Refractory Mason

A Refractory Mason:

  • Builds and repairs heat and corrosion resistant structures and vessels such as furnaces, tanks, and containers

Architectural Glass and Metal Technician

An Architectural Glass and Metal Technician handles, measures, cuts, prepares, fits, installs, replaces and repairs all types of glass and glass substitutes, typically in commercial, residential and transportation settings. An Architectural Glass and Metal Technician fabricates and installs curtain wall framing, aluminium storefront frames and entrances, doors and hardware, structural silicone glazing, skylights and sloped glazing. Specifically, an Architectural Glass and Metal Technician:

  • lays out, measures, prepares, fabricates and installs/replaces architectural glass and metal components and air/vapour barriers in systems such as entranceways, windows, skylights and curtain walls
  • works with and installs plastics, granite, aluminum panels and other similar materials used as glass substitutes, as well as films or laminates that improve the durability or safety of the glass
  • works from mobile equipment, scaffolds and swing stages, sometimes at great heights, to manoeuvre glass panels that are lifted by cranes and other lifting equipment.

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Heavy Equipment Operator — Dozer

A Heavy Equipment Operator — Dozer operates a dozer, its attachments and ground engaging equipment in various types of projects across multiple industries such as road construction and maintenance, mining, quarrying, land clearing, forestry, logging as well as gas and oil. The dozer operator inspects, maintains, transports and operates this equipment and attachments. Specifically, a Heavy Equipment Operator — Dozer:

  • performs pre-operational inspections, safety and operational checks and preventative maintenance
  • monitors equipment performance, loads and unloads and transports, cleans, oils and refills equipment
  • reads and interprets government legislation, site plans and manufacturers’ manuals (i.e. survey indicators)
  • installs, operates and removes attachments (i.e. quick attach, blades, buckets, rippers, towable scrapers and winches)
  • performs operations such as excavating, grading, ramp building, stockpiling, backfilling and towing ensuring maximum productivity
  • checks grades, performs cut and fill operations, maintains winter roads, moving mass materials, stripping surface materials, create slopes and ditches, spreads materials, pushes scrapers, backfills trenches and excavations, maintains dumpsite area, levels surfaces and clears land
  • communicates through various techniques including hand signals

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic

A Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic works on refrigeration, cooling and combined heating cooling combination systems including geo-exchange systems in residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional settings. Specifically, a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic:

  • plans, lays out, installs, starts-up, connects, maintains, services, repairs, tests, verifies, commissions and decommissions refrigeration and air conditioning systems, electronic components and their accessories
  • installs and connects piping for the purpose of conveying all types of refrigerants used for both primary and secondary heating and cooling
  • checks efficiency outputs and parameters; inspects and checks operation and integrity of components; determines set points; replaces defective, leaking, discolored and worn components; performs shut-downs and lock outs; makes adjustments to pressures and controls; cleans and lubricates components; checks calibrations; reassembles and repairs components and systems; starts-up, tests and charges the systems
  • measures, cuts, bends, threads and connects pipe to functional components and utilities and services, tests, adjusts, commissions and decommissions the system

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Brick and Stone Mason

A Brick and Stone Mason builds and repairs walls, floors, arches, pavings, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, smokestacks and other structures. A Brick and Stone Mason often works on industrial, commercial, institutional and residential buildings. Specifically, a Brick and Stone Mason:

  • erects, installs, maintains, repairs and alters walls, floors, arches, pavings, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, smokestacks and other structures
  • works with materials such as brick, natural stone, manufactured stone, tiles, precast masonry panels, glass blocks, concrete blocks, light‐weight insulated panels, other masonry units, insulation and membranes

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