Construction Boilermaker

A Construction Boilermaker builds, installs, erects, tests, maintains and repairs all types of boilers, tanks and pressure vessels, and performs all types of structural and plate work on dust, air, gas, steam, oil, water and other liquid-tight pressure vessels. Specifically, a Construction Boilermaker:

  • works from fabrication drawings (prints) to fabricate components from steel or other materials
  • uses various metal forming machines such as rotary shears, punch pressess and bending rolls
  • tests boiler systems for leaks, defects and other deficiencies to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently
  • attaches rigging and works with hoisting devices to lift components into place

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Hoisting Engineer — Mobile Crane Operator 2

A Hoisting Engineer — Mobile Crane Operator 2 maintains and operates hydraulically controlled mobile cranes capable of lifting, moving, positioning and placing materials and equipment weighing more than 16,000 pounds but no more than 30,000 pounds, such as concrete, steel, gravel and other construction supplies and machinery at construction and industrial sites, ports, factories, warehouses, dockyards or rail yards. Specifically, a Hoisting Engineer — Mobile Crane Operator 2:

  • performs pre‐operational inspections
  • prepares and transports cranes
  • assembles and dismantles cranes
  • plans crane ‘lifts’ including calculating crane capacity and determining load weights
  • sets up, positions and stabilizes the crane before the ‘lift’
  • performs various rigging procedures
  • performs maintenance on cranes

Restoration Mason

A Restoration Mason:

  • Prepares mortars
  • Cuts out and fills joints
  • Repairs or resets bricks, stone and terra cotta blocks in ashlar, rubble and brickwork.
  • Drills, grouts and pins fractured stones
  • Resets copings
  • Caries out washing and mechanical or chemical cleaning

Construction Craft Worker

A Construction Craft Worker works on a wide variety of structures, such as residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional sites as well as hydroelectric dams, roadways, bridges, tunnels, mining and railways. They may also work on utility, landscape and pipeline projects. Specifically, a Construction Craft Worker:

  • is responsible for site preparation and cleanup, setting up and removing access equipment and working on concrete, masonry, steel, wood and pre-cast erecting projects
  • handles materials and equipment and perform demolition, excavation and compaction activities
  • is responsible for site security
  • may specialize in operating off-road vehicles, drilling and blasting, scaling, sandblasting, high pressure washing, diving, tunnelling and performing emergency rescue

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Hoisting Engineer — Tower Crane Operator

A Hoisting Engineer — Tower Crane Operator maintains and operates tower cranes to lift, move, position and place materials and equipment, working in construction, surface mining, shipbuilding, offshore drilling rigs and railway settings. Specifically, a Hoisting Engineer — Tower Crane Operator:

  • performs pre‐operational inspections
  • plans crane ‘lifts’ including calculating crane capacity and determining load weight
  • performs rigging
  • participates in setting up, dismantling and jacking cranes
  • performs regular inspections, minor repairs and maintenance

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A Roofer installs, repairs and replaces flat and sloped roofs involving a variety of materials with different application methods including shingles, slate, shakes, and roofing tiles on sloped roofs and membrane systems. Specifically, a Roofer:

  • installs, repairs and replaces flat and sloped roof systems
  • works with membrane roofing systems
  • installs, replaces and repairs shingles, slate, shakes and roofing tiles on sloped roofs, green roofs and solar panels
  • waterproofs and damp-proofs roof systems

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Construction Millwright

A Construction Millwright lays out, receives and installs machinery, mechanical equipment and other automated and robotic systems. They work in the construction, commercial, manufacturing, and industrial industries; they often work in close association with people in other trades, such as instrument mechanics, ironworkers, pipefitters and electricians. Specifically, a Construction Millwright:

  • interprets drawings and performs mathematical calculations
  • uses hand and power tools
  • operates forklifts, booms, low capacity cranes, and other equipments
  • selects and uses materials and fasteners
  • welds, brazes, solders, rigs and hoists
  • installs material handling systems
  • installs, and commissions machinery and automated robotic systems
  • installs bearings, seals and packing, pipe systems and valves, fans and blowers, electric and electronic controls, pneumatic and hydraulic systems

Ironworker – Generalist

An Ironworker — Generalist works with both structural/ornamental and reinforcing steel materials. An Ironworker — Generalist:

  • Installs structural/ornamental steel components
  • Installs precast concrete members and glued laminate timber products
  • Places reinforcing steel in commercial, industrial, institutional and large residential buildings, towers, bridges and stadiums
  • Erects pre-engineered buildings and ornamental ironwork

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Sheet Metal Worker

A Sheet Metal Worker designs, creates, assembles installs, and repairs sheet metal products. Specifically, a Sheet Metal Worker:

  • manufactures, creates, assembles, handles, erects, installs, dismantles, reconditions, adjusts, alters, repairs and/or services all ferrous and nonferrous sheet metal work of No. 10 U.S. Gauge or of any equivalent or lighter gauge and all other materials used in lieu thereof
  • reads and understands shop and field sketches used in fabrication and erection, including those taken from original architectural and engineering drawings or sketches
  • fabricates or installs metal cladding over insulation

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Drywall Finisher and Plasterer

A Drywall Finisher and Plasterer tapes and finishes wallboard (drywall), applies, maintains and restores plaster and similar materials on interior and exterior walls, ceilings and building partitions to make them more decorative, soundproof and firerated. A Drywall Finisher and Plasterer also textures concrete, applies coats of plaster to foundation materials, and installs, repairs and restores mouldings and ornaments. Specifically, a Drywall Finisher and Plasterer:

  • tapes and finish wallboard (drywall)
  • applies tape to fire rate and gas proof walls
  • installs beads to protect corners
  • fills joints and imperfections
  • mixes and applies compound and sands to create a smooth surface
  • textures concrete, prepared walls and ceilings
  • applies coats of plaster to foundation materials
  • wires mesh and installs ornaments

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