A Baker-Patissier prepares and bakes pies, tarts, squares, bread, rolls, cookies, cakes and other items for commercial and retail establishments as well as restaurants. Specifically, a Baker-Patissier:

  • prepares straight or sponge dough, yeast-raised pastry, puff pastry and aerated products
  • makes savoury products such as filled pies, patties, rolls, biscuits, crackers and flat breads
  • finishes and decorates cakes, prepares fillings, mousses, sauces, compotes and glazes
  • prepares confectionary, specialty goods and desserts for dietary restrictions
  • makes ice creams, sorbets/sherbets, gelatos and other frozen desserts
  • calculates raw product requirements to meet production demand and controls inventory

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Die Designer

A Die Designer designs all cutting and forming dies by:

  • Demonstrating safe working practices and techniques
  • Reading and interpreting a piece part drawing
  • Conveying information to CAD program/system
  • Determining the type of die
  • Designing a layout of sequence of operations
  • Creating a tooling design
  • Dimensioning the die design
  • Finalizing the die drawing/design
  • Implementing construction of the die


A Gemsetter/Goldsmith:

  • Fabricates and repairs precious and semi-precious jewellery and gemstone work
  • Tests metals
  • Rolls and draws metals
  • Forms rings
  • Drills holes and sockets for stones or hinges
  • Solders pieces of jewellery and gemstone work
  • Designs and sets gem settings
  • Fabricates and assembles all types of jewellery and gemstone work
  • Cleans and polishes jewellery and gemstone work

Instrumentation and Control Technician

An Instrumentation and Control Technician installs, maintains, calibrates, designs and troubleshoots networking systems, process control and environmental protection equipment in a variety of industrial environments. Specifically, an Instrumentation and Control Technician:

  • installs, maintains and configures control and process systems
  • calibrates, commissions, configures, installs and troubleshoots all pneumatic, electronic, electrical, mechanical and analytical instrumentation devices
  • calibrates and repairs analytical instrumentation that monitors or controls flow, level, temperature, pressure, acidity, conductivity and humidity
  • services all process control communication networks
  • sevices environmental and other analytical instruments

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Mould Maker

A Mould Maker:

  • Reads and interprets complex engineering drawings and work-process documentation
  • Designs, builds, and repairs moulds and models used to mass produce plastic or metal components or products
  • Builds precision mould components using conventional and numerically controlled metal-cutting machines and equipment including saws, drills, grinders, lathes, mills, and EDMs
  • Performs work-in-process measuring or checking using specialized and precision tools and equipment

Surface Blaster

A Surface Blaster:

  • Assesses the pre-blast area and site, controls the blast area, designs and implements the blast, loads blast holes, hooks up and initiates shot and assesses blast results

Bearings Mechanic

A Bearings Mechanic performs the following:

  • Disassembles and cleans bearings, seals and chocks
  • Inspects bearings, seals and chocks for wear, and damage
  • Repairs or replaces bearings, seals and chocks

Draftsperson – Mechanical

A Draftsperson – Mechanical performs some or all of the following duties:

  • Develops and prepares engineering designs and drawings
  • Operates computer-aided design and graphics drafting stations
  • Develops and prepares drawings of industrial machines, engines, tools, and mechanical equipment
  • Develops and prepares design sketches
  • Completes documentation packages and produces drawing sets
  • Checks and verifies design drawings to conform to specification and design data
  • Writes technical reports
  • Checks prepared contract and tender documents

General Carpenter

A General Carpenter constructs, renovates and repairs structures made of wood, steel, concrete and other materials in the residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors and in related industries. Specifically, a General Carpenter:

  • establishes building procedures and prepares work sites
  • lays out, constructs and installs formwork and concrete foundations
  • frames floors, walls, ceilings and roofs
  • finishes interiors and exteriors
  • constructs heavy framing
  • builds stairs, posts and handrails
  • lays out, constructs and installs door and window systems
  • performs renovations

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