Agricultural – Swine Herdsperson

Agricultural — Swine Herdsperson performs the following duties:

  • Reads and interprets Code of Practices, Swine Canadian Quality Assurance procedures, Agriculture Safety Audit Procedures, and veterinarian recommendations/prescriptions;
  • Performs herd health and comfort maintenance;
  • Performs breeding/gestation procedures;
  • Performs farrowing procedures;
  • Manages nursery stock;
  • Performs manure management procedures;
  • Operates and maintains farm systems, vehicles, and equipment;
  • Operates and maintains farm mechanical equipment.

Child and Youth Worker

A Child and Youth Worker works to improve the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of vulnerable children, youth and families. They focus on the growth and development of children and youth based on direct, day-to-day work with children and youth in their environment and develop relationships with children, their families, their communities and other inter-disciplinary team members. Specifically, a Child and Youth Worker:

  • maintains safe environments
  • promotes health and well-being
  • builds relationships
  • plans programs
  • applies intervention strategies
  • provides counselling and supports
  • works in an interdisciplinary team environment and communicates with other professionals
  • supports the needs of children, adolescents and their families

Electric Motor System Technician

An Electric Motor System Technician performs some or all of the following:

  • Disassembles, diagnoses, rewinds, repairs, tests, and reassembles components of electric motors, transformers, switchgears, and generators.

Heavy Equipment Operator — Excavator

A Heavy Equipment Operator — Excavator operates an excavator, its attachments and ground engaging equipment in various types of projects across multiple industries, such as road construction and maintenance, mining, quarrying, land clearing, forestry, logging, as well as gas and oil. He/she inspects, maintains, transports and operates this equipment and its attachments. Specifically, a Heavy Equipment Operator — Excavator:

  • performs pre-operational inspections, safety and operational checks, preventative maintenance
  • monitors equipment performance
  • loads and unloads, transports, cleans, oils and refills equipment
  • reads and interprets government legislation, site plans and manufacturers’ manuals (i.e. survey indicators)
  • installs, operates and removes attachments (i.e. quick attach, buckets, rakes, levels, tillers, cutters, blades, grapples, pushers, vibrators and breakers)
  • performs operations, such as excavating, grading, ramp building, stockpiling, backfilling and towing, ensuring maximum productivity
  • checks grades, performs cut and fil operations, backfills trenches and excavations, creates slopes, creates mass excavations, clears land, strips surface materials, stockpiles and places materials, lifts materials, performs logging and surface mining operations, perform demolitions, bales snow.
  • communicates through various techniques including hand signals

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade

Information Technology – Network Technician

An Information Technology — Network Technician:

  • Installs, configures and maintains client workstations and network servers connected by a local area network
  • Applies technical knowledge of data communication, standards, protocols and internet working concepts

Painter and Decorator — Commercial and Residential

A Painter and Decorator — Commercial and Residential applies decorative and protective finishes in residential, commercial, and institutional settings. Specifically, a Painter and Decorator — Commercial and Residential:

  • reads specifications to determine quantities of materials required
  • prepares and cleans surfaces using methods such as scraping, sanding, sandblasting, hydro-blasting and steamcleaning
  • mixes coatings according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • applies coatings using brushes, rollers or spray equipment
  • practices quality control
  • assembles and erects scaffolding, swing stages and other access equipment

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Reinforcing Rodworker

A Reinforcing Rodworker reinforces a wide variety of concrete constructions including but not limited to buildings, landscape features, parking garages, caissons, highways, bridges, wind turbines, stadiums and towers by using reinforcing steel, composite materials, welded wire mesh, post-tensioning systems and any other concrete reinforcements. Specifically, a Reinforcing Rodworker:

  • cuts and bends reinforcing materials according to design specifications and drawings
  •  fabricates, pre-fabricates and installs reinforcing steel, composite materials, welded wire mesh, post-tensioning systems and any other concrete reinforcements.
  • operates and maintains tools, aerial work platforms, forklifts and telehandlers
  • prepares reinforcing and post-tensioning materials for hoisting
  • rigs and hoists materials and equipment
  • splices reinforcing steel by welding or installing mechanical splices
  • installs, stresses and grouts post-tensioning systems

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Tool/Tooling Maker

A Tool/Tooling Maker:

  • Reads and interprets complex engineering drawings, bills of material, component and part prints, assembly drawings, tool and part drawings and work documentation
  • Uses conventional and numerically controlled metal cutting machines and specialized equipment
  • Designs, builds and assembles tools, jigs, fixtures, specialized equipment, instruments, models and prototypes
  • Assembles and fits tool and tooling components
  • Conducts final fitting and inspection of tool sub-assemblies and components
  • Conducts final finishing and testing of complex tools and tooling

Agricultural Equipment Technician

An Agricultural Equipment Technician inspects, diagnoses and repairs agricultural machinery such as tractors and implements used for tillage planting, harvesting, spraying and irrigation. Specifically, an Agricultural Equipment Technician services and repairs various agricultural equipment systems including:

  • electrical, hydraulic, engine and braking systems
  • intake, exhaust and emission control systems
  • mechanically and electronically controlled fuel systems
  • clutches, transmissions, drive axles and final drive assemblies
  • steering and suspension systems
  • tires, wheels, ballasting devices, undercarriages and tracks
  • air-conditioning and structural components and accessories
  • tillage, planting and harvesting equipment
  • spraying and irrigation agricultural systems

Red Seal Badge Red Seal trade

Child Development Practitioner

A Child Development Practitioner (CDP) plans and implements age-appropriate service, supports and programs for children that facilitate physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. CDPs deliver services in multiple settings, including, but not limited to, childcare centres/facilities, the preschool sections of hospitals and schools, and Ontario Early Years Centres. Specifically, a Child Development Practitioner:

  • practises and promotes health
  • fosters relationships with children
  • plans developmentally appropriate programs and supports emergent learning practices
  • cultivates family, cultural and social relationships
  • applies intervention strategies
  • participates in a team environment with families, colleagues, community members, and support services providers
  • works in an interdisciplinary team environment and communicates with other professionals
  • practices professionalism and adheres to ethical standards