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    These definitions explain the columns used in the table below.
    Trade Code: A unique numerical identifier for the trade.
    Classification: A trade is classified as either compulsory or non-compulsory. Compulsory trades require that you be a registered apprentice, Provisional Certificate of Qualification holder or Certificate of Qualification holder to legally work in the trade. Non-compulsory trades do not require you to be a registered apprentice or certified journeyperson to legally work in the trade.
    Exam: The trade has a written exam.
    Red Seal: A Red Seal is an endorsement on your provincial or territorial trade certification. It shows that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to practice your trade across Canada. Learn more about Red Seal trades.


Please note: Some of the documents describing trades including training standards may still refer to the Ontario College of Trades (the College), which has ceased operations and has been replaced by Skilled Trades Ontario. These documents are now being revised to reflect this change to the skilled trades system in Ontario. All other information contained in these documents continues to be relevant and accurate.

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On September 1, 2024, phased implementation of a new Curriculum Standard will begin for the following three electrical trades: Electrician - Construction and Maintenance (309A), Industrial Electrician (442A), and Electrician - Domestic and Rural (309C). For more information on this change, please see each trade's details page.

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Trade Name Trade Code Classification Exam Red Seal Trade Details
Meet our leadership

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Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

437A Non-compulsory Yes Red Seal Badge View Details
Mould Designer

670E Non-compulsory No View Details
Native Residential Construction Worker

296A Non-compulsory No View Details
Reinforcing Rodworker

452A Non-compulsory Yes Red Seal Badge View Details
Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installer

308R Compulsory Yes View Details
Skilled Trades Ontario Recognizes National Skilled Trade and Technology Week with Strategic Plan Release

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Skilled Trades Ontario to Launch Certificates of Qualification, Wallet Cards for Skilled Trades Professionals

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Work in the compulsory trades

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