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Message from Board Chair and CEO/Registrar

Welcome to the new Skilled Trades Ontario website. The government has established Skilled Trades Ontario as a Crown agency to replace the Ontario College of Trades in order to simplify and transform the skilled trades and apprenticeship system in Ontario.

The new industry-informed agency will, at maturity, become the single point of access for all apprenticeship and skilled trades clients. It will be responsible for developing industry-informed training standards and examinations, registering and monitoring apprenticeships, and issuing industry-recognized certificates. This is expected to take up to two years. In the interim, the co-delivered service model between the ministry and Skilled Trades Ontario will continue while functions are gradually transferred to the agency.

Tradespeople and businesses can begin using Skilled Trades Ontario’s online services to manage aspects of their training and certification. This will save time and simplify some common processes. Online services will be delivered in phases, with priority functionality for users in early releases. Our goal is to build a “one-window” channel for all skilled trades and apprenticeship clients.

This is an exciting time for skilled trades in Ontario and we are looking forward to continuing the transformation in the system and working with stakeholders to ensure success for apprentices, tradespeople and employers across Ontario.

Michael Sherrard, Board Chair

Melissa Young, CEO/Registrar